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Utilization of Rock Phosphate in Electric Vehicles

Rock phosphate, also known as phosphorite is a naturally occurring mineral that contains high levels of phosphorus. Phosphorus is an essential element used in the manufacturing of batteries for...
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Natural Gas : An Essential Raw Material for Fertilizers

Fertilizers are essential to ensure food security, and natural gas plays a vital role in the production of these fertilizers. Natural gas is a critical raw material used in the production of...
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Fertilizer Situation in India

Fertilizer trading is an important industry in India, as the country is one of the largest producers and consumers of fertilizers in the world..
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Responsible use of Fertilizers in Agriculture

Agriculture is the practice of cultivating land and raising crops, livestock, and other produce for human consumption and use...
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Efforts To Tackle Fertilizer Crisis

India is the 2nd largest importer of fertilizers globally. India imports 100% of potash, 95% of phosphates & 25% of Urea which are the essential raw materials for manufacturing...
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