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Efforts To Tackle Fertilizer Crisis

India is the 2nd largest importer of fertilizers globally. India imports 100% of potash, 95% of phosphates & 25% of Urea which are the essential raw materials for manufacturing fertilizers. With the ongoing global scenario that looks grim due to the series of events like the pandemic, the on-going Russia-Ukraine war and trade wars between various countries; a global food crisis has emerged. The food crisis has generated the need of higher food production. For producing in larger quantities, many efforts are made by various governments including ours to develop high grade fertilizers which can boost the yield of crops. And these high yielding fertilizers are required in larger quantities so that they can reach every farmer in desired quantity and we can produce enough to meet the requirements of our as well as our allied nations that depend on our exports.

Globally; the cost of raw materials needed for fertilizers have increased substantially due to increased fuel cost, lack of resources and so on. India however is able to meet its needs by importing the desired quantity that is required. In fact, now we are able to import more than we used to import in the past with the help of strategic partnerships with many new allied nations. The recent news of fertilizer crisis in few Indian states have hindered with the sentiments of many Indian farmers, however the central government as well as many state governments have dismissed these allegation and released the data on total fertilizer requirement along with the availability. The ongoing winter sowing season (November – March) is already here and government has already taken measures to meet our fertilizer demand with the help of the fertilizer fraternity, from manufacturers to traders. TLI – Tradelink India is doing the best we can to meet the growing demand of fertilizers in India and our efforts is proving fruitful and in sync with the government’s vision. We are developing new partnerships locally and globally to support our farmers and provide them access to high quality and high yield producing fertilizers.